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Easy to find and book classes at your favorite establishments.  Kids will have a blast while parents are doing the things they want to do.  

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"We love Kid Spot! The teachers are warm and engaging. My kids have a great time at class and barely notice when I come back. The classes are similar to other activity programs that they already go to, only this one allows me to have an hour to go and do what I need to get done. Win-win for both of us!"  - Janice D

"My daughter and I had so much fun, it was a nice way to spend the morning together and both do things that have us working on things to better ourselves." -  Elizabeth G

​My toddler and I loved Kid Spot. I got a much-needed workout and my daughter had a great time. She didn't want to leave the Kid Spot room when I came to get her. Thanks Kid Spot!! - Cara T.

"So glad B and I got to try Kid Spot! After almost two years of barely exercising, I got to go to a Cardio Barre class, which kicked my butt (in a good way!). B was well-cared for just in the next room, so I didn't feel so guilty enjoying my time in class. I think I even heard her laugh and squeal a few times. I hope Kid Spot will be available in more places throughout L.A., so I can finally get a workout and B can have fun!" - Emily L

​​​​​​​​​Kid Spot is an insured child care service providing safe and fun child enrichment programs on premises at businesses and private locations.  The Kid Spot pop-up classes and camps are fully supervised and take place at a business or event space, in a predetermined, safe, Kid Spot Care Area during specified times of day.  Kid Spot teachers are trained and insured, as well as carefully vetted via background checks.  Our standardized classes include elements of song, dance, music, meditation and yoga, language, games and arts and crafts.  The classes are age appropriate and designed to encourage socialization, learning, exercise and mind-body awareness.

Our small child to teacher ratios allow for one on one attention from the teachers.  Children under 2 must not exceed a 2:1 child to teacher ratio, children 2-3 years 4:1, 4-6 years 6:1, 6–14 years 8:1.  

Advanced registration is required.  There is a 24 hour cancellation policy.


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Email us at       213-282-7768

Safety is our number one priority.  Kid Spot teachers are background checked and trained as well as educated in First Aid and CPR. 

Kid Spot classes are jam-packed with fun and interaction.  Classes include music, song & dance, yoga, meditation, & language. 


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