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We believe that happy, healthy people make the best parents.  Unfortunately, it is not always easy to do the things that make you a happy and healthy person after you have a child.  We think it should be easier so we started Kid Spot.


As a parent, it's difficult to be happy unless your child is happy and thriving.  Kid Spot is committed to providing enriching, engaging and educational experiences to children.  We combine these exceptional experiences with high quality childcare and bring them to the places where parents want to be.


Lana Manganiello is the founder of Kid Spot.  A native Southern Californian, Lana has been focused on health, fitness and well being for most of her life.  She spent the first 12 years of her career in the financial services industry and after having her first child found that there was a lack of reliable and predictable babysitting options moms could trust and not feel guilty about.  Lana also noticed a cultural pressure on mothers to devote their lives to their young children, sacrificing their own happiness and well being in the process. Lana became determined to help new parents see the importance of prioritizing their own well being, if not for themselves, for the sake of their children.  

The teachers at Kid Spot are educated, energetic, and nurturing people who have a passion for teaching and caring for children.  Most of our teachers are part time and attending school and many are interested in a career focused around children or child development.