Infants through Toddlers
Storytime, Sing-A-Longs, Drums and Shakers, Scarves, Parachute Play, Sensory Activities, Choreographed Dance and Puppet Shows

 Toddlers through Preschool
Themed activities include: Stories, Arts and Crafts, Singing, Dancing, Games, Gymnastics, Relays, Yoga, Sports, Cooking, and Baking

Elementary School and Older
Age appropriate Games and Relays, Art Projects, Choreographed Dance Routines, Craft Projects, Martial Arts, Karaoke, Hand Sewing and Crochet, Bread-making and more.


Kid Spot maintains a 2:1 child to teacher ratio for children under 2, children 2-3 years 4:1, 4-6 years 6:1, 6–14 years 8:1

Private event childcare pricing starts at $18 an hour for children age 3 and up and $20 an hour for children age 2 and under.  There is a 25% discount for siblings.  Meals and supplies additional.